Thursday, July 23, 2009

once the summer is over

I plan on turning my little tree trimmings blog into a photojournalism type of project. Every week, I'm going to post at least one picture from the neighborhood (artfully taken, of course....hopefully). Along with the picture, I may or may not choose to include a caption, story, or brief synopsis of what's going on in the image.

In addition to the photojournalism project, I'm going to keep on posting thoughts and notes too.

Since I lost track of my original daily posts and themes, I'm moving toward something that I think will be more easily kept up with.

We'll see.

a few photos from the summer


Living how and where we do is very isolating.

I find myself checking and rechecking my email and facebook many many times a day to see if anyone sent me a note that I can respond to. Otherwise, I'll have very little communication with folks who are outside the confines of Hyaets and the neighborhood.

Kids are knocking at my door right this minute, but sometimes I'd rather just talk to someone my own age who I might better relate to. The neighbor down the street might love a visit from me, but sometimes I'd rather just talk to someone who doesn't need compassion in the way the lonely neighbor might need compassion. Then again, when I do have a conversation with someone my own age, my own social status, etc, I'm left with nothing to say. I can't relate to whatever someone watched on tv cause I don't really watch tv and I can't talk about the newest store or restaurant or movie because I don't go a whole lot of places or spend much money.

I long for an intimate friendship, someone I could do things with and talk to about whatever's going through my mind, but how is that possible? Everyone who looks like me, is educated like me, believes in several of the things I believe in lives on the other side of town in suburbia and is content with mommy play dates and running errands.

On the flip side, I sure would like someone to ask me to join a mommy play date or run errands with them!

Or would I? Would it involve conversations about potty training and trips to the Walmart? I'm not so sure I can handle too much of that.

But I've chosen a different lifestyle, followed what I thought was a deep sense of calling. Is it possible to follow this sense of call and have friends at the same time? If so, how? Who?

Virtual email friends and facebook friends are not enough to sustain me.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

more things....

We spent a full week in Richmond on a mission trip. Our group was WONDERFUL and they got a long with one another and worked hard. It was nice to be in Richmond joining others who are doing good work: Tabernacle Baptist Church with Refugee ministry and BTSR with building repair and campus yard work. I had a good time with the kids that we took. I missed Greg and John Tyson.

The week that we were at home was also the week of July 4th, Matthew's b'day, and our first Living Room Lecture: Art, Faith, and Politics. I was disappointed with the turn out for the living room lectures. I had left 30 fliers to be passed out in the neighborhood, but no one passed them out while we were away, so I passed them out on the day before the lecture, but it was too late. I ran around like crazy cleaning up the house and setting it up and passing out fliers and preparing food on the day of the lectures. The summer missionaries took a day off that day, so a lot of the work was left for me to do last minute. We only had 3 guests, none of which were neighobrs. bummer. Our next lecture is July 24th: Music and Faith.

We celebrated Matthew's b'day with good food and friends. We watched the neighbor's crazy fireworks. Jackson and Sarah came for the party. I was glad to spend that time with them. Matthew got a bone from the Kelletts.

Krista and I left early for Unidiversity. I felt like I needed to be there early to set up since I was appointed the "co-director" and all. We got things ready and got settled in. The week went pretty well. I felt the whole week like I was trying really hard to do well so that folks would think I was good at being the director. I'm not so sure I accomplished the goal, but it was a good week nonetheless. At the end of the week, I was really tired.

No rest for the weary, though. Instead of riding home with our Hyaets group, I drove by myself to Raleigh where I picked up John Tyson from the Jarrells. Then, I went to Mom's house (nice nice guest room) and we made 100 pimento cheese sandwiches for Hollis' bridal shower. The next day, I got up early (THanks, John Tyson) and went to church with Mom. Then, we packed things up and headed to the shower. We helped set up and prepared my "work station" where I put together the hostess gifts for Hollis (scrap book and sea shell shadow box). The party was very nice and I think Hollis left feeling loved. That's what we were aiming for. Betsy took care of John Tyson while I was at the shower, so when it was done, we went to Betsy's house to visit and pick up the boy. I drove home, stopped at Cracker Barrell to rent a book on tape because I was so sleepy, and crashed when I got to my bed.

Monday, everyone was tired, but somehow kids managed to pry their way into our house anyway. We were all aggravated at each other and the kids due to the lack of rest, so I closed up the house midday during John Tyson's nap and took a nap myself. The summer missionaries retreated to the other house for some quiet. I took care of answering the door and phones when necessary. On Monday night, the Polaskis met us for dinner and we took Kelia so that they could meet her. They are helping to sponsor her while she's at Meredith.

By the way, Kelia got her letter from Meredith. After all the money she has earned through scholarships and such, she will only owe $5,000 a year! Amazing! Now it is up to us to help raise the rest. We can do it!

Today is Anna's b'day and because the girls are so tired and un-ready to be working, I've decided to give them a break by being on duty for them the rest of the week. Tomorrow, we're going to Union county to visit at my grandmother's house and see some friends at Passport Wingate. Then we'll come back for dinner and devos and I'll go to work at Student Orientation at UNCC in the evening.

Thursday, I'll take kids to the gym.

Friday, we've got a community meal.

I'm wondering when folks will give me a chance to rest, but for now I feel like I've got enough energy to make it through...although I don't feel like I have enough energy to clean my room (what a mess!).

Adam and Tracy come home soon. I've kept up with them via email and blog. It will be interesting to see how they adapt when they get home. Do not read when hungry! :)

We will go to the beach on July 25th. I'm looking forward to getting away. When we come back, though, there'll be 5 groups coming to do work and hear about Hyaets between July 31st and August 8th. Whoa!

Good news, we do not have to go to trail. Our neighbor made a plea.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Things I haven't said that I've been meaning to

One of our neighbors is in jail for murder. We've been commanded by the DA to be a part of the trial. We have nothing to say. No real evidence. No real character witness information. The trial is supposed to take place during our already planned vacation. ugh. There's a kids in the neighborhood who supposedly is upset with us because we "snitched on him" about this and apparently according to other neighbors, the guy is ready to retaliate against us. We don't even know this guy. Scary. Upsetting. Frustrating. Not a great addition to our summer.

At the 5k race in May, Samia said something that really hit home. We were in Dilworth and we were walking to the park when she said, "Man! This place is pretty! It makes me want to never mess anything up. Don't you think so too, Miss Helms?"

Dr. Jones came to our house today to read to the children. I was honored that he accepted the invitation to come. I tried my best to get the house ready for his arrival, but it was hard to make it spotless because of all the wear and tear lately. (we could really use a thorough cleaning right now). He came, children showed up, and he read some stories. The kids seemed really interested and did a good job of sitting still and listening. We fed the kids lunch and Dr. Jones headed on out.
It meant something to me that he came and invested a part of himself in us, even if it was only for an hour. What he did meant something. Not to mention that when he came, it was almost as if the Pope was coming to town the way we all acted. We were on our best behavior for the pastor.

Matthew's birthday party is on Saturday. This is the one party I throw per year. (I used to throw one in December, but I quit) Every year, I get all excited and make good food and set up the yard for the big event thinking that this'll be a great party and that everyone will have a great time and be so happy to be here. And then the party begins and it is sort of dull. I don't have the right music to play. I don't have entertaining things for my guests to do. And so folks just sit around, eat, drink, talk, and eventually leave and I end up feeling like I did a poor job as a party hostess. This year, I'm going to set up the food and the yard and I'm not going to care as much if folks don't have a good time. I've decided it is not up to me whether folks feel entertained or not. (I am going to supply a few games and some bug spray, though.)

I had a really good conversation with Dr. Galindo from BTSR when I was up there last week. He encouraged me to keep on writing. (I had stopped) I'm going to try. Just wait till this summer is over!

Can I stand this long thick head of hair any longer? I'm trying to grow it out to donate, but it is getting on my last nerve. We'll see.

That's it for now.