Wednesday, November 30, 2011

blog ambitions

Ideas run through my head all the time: the next coolest restaurant, the soon to be top selling novel, and the blog that'll be a breeze to write and everyone will love.

Sometimes my brain is more ambitious than I want it to be.

I can't open up a ramen place in Charlotte.  There's no way I have time to write that book about all sorts of different people's lives crossing one another's and centering the story of a young couple with a sick daughter in the hospital that ends with a mixture of grief and hope.  And how in the world would I write the anonymous blog of letters everyone wishes they would write: the letter to the teacher who's breath made you hate math; the letter to the childhood friend who doesn't return your attempts at keeping in touch; the letter to the person who donated your favorite t-shirt to the goodwill where you found it for $1.50.

Maybe one of these days....until then, I'll haphazardly update this blog and keep thinking good ideas.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Sometimes I still pick up the phone and dial my grandmother's number.  The thing is, she's not there to answer on the other line.