Thursday, May 13, 2010

baby registry

I promise. It all makes sense to me!
If you take a look at my baby registry, you might say something like "What in the world is she registering for that for? It has nothing to do with a baby." But wait! I promise it does!
You see, I've registered for a couple out of the ordinary things that when put into context make total and complete sense.

There's a couch cover....have you seen our nasty couch lately. It is beyond the point of no return with stains and dirt that won't come out. If a baby's going to sit or lay on that thing, it has got to be covered! And what good does a new cover do if you don't have new pillows to match?

Then there's a bike and see, we received a two kid bike chariot thing to hook up to Greg's bike. It is totally cool because he can take trips with the kids hitched to the back. But the real hitch is that I don't own a bike. Mine got stolen a couple of years ago by a neighbor. So how will we go on these family bike trips (and lose extra post-maternity weight) without a second bike.

Then there's a beach umbrella....We've been spending a lot of time outside in the garden and yard playing. Have you seen my skin? It is as pale as the moon. Can you imagine my baby's skin unprotected? Exactly!

Vacuum...same explanation as the couch cover!

Potting table....this will help to ward off any postpartum depression, I promise!

I think the other stuff is pretty self explanatory: diapers, baby wash, nursing stuff, clothes hamper, etc.

See, I told you it'd all make sense! My pregnancy brain is in full function, I promise!

Speaking of Raynard...

As many of you know, we're expecting a second baby in mid June. It'll be a second boy. We've searched high and low for cool family names for this boy. We had a perfect name for a girl, but we'll just have to store it away for another time or maybe just another pet. Anyways, we were looking through some online genealogy and found several not so good possibilities. (Gerald Jarrell is one of them)
I kept digging and digging until I found something quite funny.
Greg's great great great great grandfather shares a name with a beloved neighbor, Reynard. Spelled differently than our neighbor, but pronounced the same way, this name is an interesting on, but not one the top of our list.
For now, we've got a name in the running. We use it around the house so as to get used to it and figure out if we have settled in on the right one. When the baby is born, we'll reveal the name to you.

As for now, you can call the baby "duece" or "baby #2" or "baby Jarrell" or to be funny, "Baby Reynard" will do.