Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Things I love lately

I don't spend much money, but I do shop. I go onto etsy.com and pretend that the world is mine for the taking. Everything I love, I place into my "favorites" file so I can go back and enjoy it any time I want to. I thought I'd share some of those favorites with you.


I am trying to write some material for the Hyaets Lenten Devotional Guide. One of the stories I want to include is one that I've already written in a blog long ago. So, in an effort to "cheat" I thought I'd go back and find the blog and do a little cut and paste job for the devo guide. Well, I couldn't find it. But, I did find a lot of other stuff: things I'd forgotten about, things I'd left behind.

I've been beating myself up lately about not blogging or journaling. I'm not doing nearly as much as I'd like to. I think about writing a lot, but when I actually sit down to do it, it takes up so much time and thought that I quit easily. I think writing a sermon once a week is a lot of work. For some reason, though, writing a blog is harder and more difficult for me.

I sure do like going back to read about things, though.

For those of you who want to remember along with me, the link to the old blog still functions: http://hyaets.org/blogs/index.php?blog=6