Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What I want/need

At this stage, I'm not so sure I can tell the difference between what I need and what I want.  Everything seems so pressing and urgent, it feels like a need.  But, in the big reality of life, these things maybe aren't necessities at all.  I also have a hard time recognizing the difference between a personal need and a Hyaets need.  The line is so blurry and crooked- moving this way and that for different people.  I'm not going to worry about which one's which.  I'm just going to list them.  Time will tell:

*A couple really good friends that I can call without feeling like I'm interrupting something or intruding and speak honestly without worrying about hurting feelings or sounding ugly.* For some of the things on our Hyaets Wish list to be completed by a generous soul or group of souls so that we can feel like it is ok to start wishing again.*To find the right people to collaborate with on several projects- people that'll be creative and open and make things happen:  Youth partnership with other youth groups that are demographically similar for things like camp, mission trip, retreats, etc; Small business ideas (personal and Hyaets related) that may be helpful in supporting neighbors/ministry * Space and Time for creating things (without feeling guilty) * dining room painting party helpers * dining room table painting party helpers * publishing software that makes photo edits and calendar making a breeeze * someone give me an ipod with all of my favorite music on it and a bunch of stuff I've never heard but will like with some headphones that are bigger than pennies * a different couch &  a different chair- ones that actually fit in our living room * a couple (maybe three) community members that I can really relate to and feel supported by * 3-5 discerning students who are passionate about service and simple living who would come and live and minister with us at Hyaets * the rural Hyaets inititiative to get started and cleanly break off with happiness and excitement about all thatthey could be * an outdoor shower * a screened in back porch * W/D upstairs rather than in the dirty cellar that you get to by going down the stairs of death* One car that fits at least 6 people that is cute, safe, and efficient* someone to redo the floor in the clubhouse so that it is not constently attracting and keeping dirt * lead based paint removal*  window replacement- but I want them to look like the ones we have now*  preschool registration to be decided on and followed through with*  dental appt for JTJ to be scheduled*  taxes to be figured out*  Z's SSN to finally arrive (he turns 2 in June, people)*  financial planning session with someone who does not believe in hoarding and consumerism*  a coach*  a group of people to take my ideas to who will give feedback and "buy in" with action to the ones they feel interested in....I'm sure there's more.  That's a good list for now.

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